Hemp – meaning the entire plant – is a natural product with medical potential! 

Approximately one in three Dutch people will sooner or later have to deal with cancer. And others experience it from up close. 

Embrace Life wants to raise money for research into (rare) types of cancer. The first research that we want to make possible concerns the medicinal effects of hemp, otherwise known as cannabis, in among others THC oil, CBD oil (the use of other components of the hemp plant such as CBG or CBDA) and in nutritional supplements for cancer patients.

Research necessary
There is currently a dire need for scientific research in order to find out what cannabis oil can mean for patients. We want to make sure that in the future patients have a choice between traditional medication and pain relieve with for example CBD/THC. Right now too much is still unclear. What is for example the ideal formula of cannabis as medication and how does it affect the (body’s own) endocannabinoid system? Do we need to look for a medicine with an isolated active substance or is it about the right combination of cannabinoids? And what is the best way of application? And which patients can benefit the most from such a treatment? Apart from this we would also like to know whether CBD/THC can be an affordable alternative or supplement to the traditionally expensive medication in the fight against cancer.

There is a need for knowledge of and (where necessary) easy access to cannabis oil with the right composition and concentration CBD/THC. This requires a lot of research. Firstly, fundamental (in vitro) research will be set up by the department of Neurology of the Erasmus MC, led by Prof Dr. M.J. van den Bent in order to research the effects of cannabis on tumors at cell level. In the second phase the research will focus on a small patient group, patients with a brain tumor. After a period of time the research will expand to other patient groups. 

€ 100.000,- is needed for the first research. 

For the second and later phase of the research over € 2.000.000,- is needed. 

What can I do?
Support the Embrace Life Foundation and help us in the fight against cancer. You can support us in many different ways. You can donate through the following link https://useplink.com/payment/eTAPdmJ2rUccwaWnVRdS

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Prof. Dr. M.J van den Bent
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