Goal[WO1] and mission: 

“We need to bring the plant to the doctor and make it available and affordable for everyone!” 

The board members and members of the Embrace Life Foundation are unpaid, dedicate their time and energy voluntarily and do not receive rewards. 

The Foundation was founded on February 21st2019 under the name Stichting Embrace Life by notary J.J.C. Krabbendam, holding office at 3111 AW Schiedam, Tuinlaan 82. The Embrace Life Foundation registered at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce under the number 74062484 with RSIN number 859760170 (identification number for legal entities and associations). 

The bank account number of the foundation is NL37 INGB 0009016086. 

All information and pieces are published on the website: www.embracelife.nl

You can contact the foundation through info@embracelife.nlor by post to Postbus 1605, 3260 BC Oud Beijerland, Netherlands and Freepost number 91, 3260 VB Oud Beijerland. 

The Embrace Life Foundation is an initiative of a group of patients and fundraisers who want to contribute to the fight against cancer. Together with doctors and sponsors they want to support specific research that may lead to a breakthrough. 

The Foundation serves the public benefit 

The Foundation is a non-profit organization.

The boardof the Embrace Life Foundation consists of:

  • Chairman: Rob Candeias (Fundraising General)
  • Treasurer: Olga van Harmelen-Veenman (face of the Foundation and Head Communications)
  • Secretary: Robert Kester

Member: Renée Hartog, Communication and Social Media            

Member: Jeroen Immerzeel, Fundraising Businesses

Member: Jaïr Velleman, Fundraising International Market for Embrace Life Foundation 

Member: Annemiek Candeias, Fundraising Jolly’s department 

Member: Karin Dolk, Secretary, Mail and Social Media

This year the Foundation is expected to appoint an advisory council or supervisory board in order to make sure the board sticks to the goals and mission of the Embrace Life Foundation. 

Because the Embrace Life Foundation focuses on the raising of funds for scientific medical research it is bound to very strict rules. 

We implemented these rules in the following regulations which we strictly abide by: 

  • By-laws Embrace Life Foundation
  • Protocol Embrace Life Foundation Fundraising and Spending of Funds 
  • Goal and mission
  • Policy

Our mission

Making sure that cannabis is an ordinary treatment option in the doctor’s office and available in an adequate and affordable range of products in pharmacies, where it deserves a place on the shelves next to all the other prescription medicines. 

Our ambition and goals

Approximately one in three Dutch people will sooner or later have to deal with cancer. And others experience it from up close. Embrace life is convinced that you will achieve the utmost satisfaction when you dedicate your heart and soul to someone else. In remembrance of the people that died too early because of cancer and to inspire the people who are fighting, we want to fight optimistically by approaching cancer differently. 

Embrace Life wants to raise money for research into (rare) types of cancer. The first research that we want to make possible concerns the medicinal effects of hemp, also known as cannabis, in among others THC oil, CBD oil (the use of other components from the hemp plant such as CBG or CBDA) and in nutritional supplements for cancer patients. There is currently a dire need for scientific research in order to find out what cannabis oil can mean for patients. We want to make sure that in the future patients have a choice between traditional medication and pain relieve with for example CBD/THC. Right now too much is still unclear. What is for example the ideal formula of cannabis as medication and how does it affect the (body’s own) endocannabinoid system? Do we need to look for a medicine with an isolated active substance or is it about the right combination of cannabinoids? And what is the best method of application? And which patients can benefit the most from such a treatment? Apart from this we would also like to know whether CBD/THC can be an affordable alternative or supplement to the traditionally expensive medication in the fight against cancer. 

There is a need for knowledge of and (where necessary) easy access to cannabis oil with the right composition and concentration CBD/THC. This requires a lot of research. Firstly, fundamental (in vitro) research will be set up by the department of Neurology of the Erasmus MC, led by Prof Dr. M.J. van den Bent in order to research the effects of cannabis on tumors at cell level. In the second phase the research will focus on a small patient group, patients with a brain tumor. After a period of time the research will expand to other patient groups. 

€ 100.000,- is needed for the first research. For the second and later phase of the research over € 2.000.000,- is needed.

 [WO1]Deze hele tekst doet nogal ‘juridisch’ aan en dus wil ik even benadrukken dat ik geen juridisch vertaler ben en dus niet weet of hier bepaalde richtlijnen voor zijn en in hoeverre ik het ‘juist’ heb vertaald. 

Rob Candeias

Rob Candeias

  • Voorzitter
  • Oprichter
  • Hoofd fondsenwerving
Olga van Harmelen

Olga van Harmelen

  • Penningmeester
  • Oprichter
  • Patiënt Neuro oncologie
Annemiek Candeias

Annemiek Candeias

  • Fondsenwerver


  • Chatgroep
  • Lotgenotencontact
Muriel Everts

Muriel Everts

  • Chatgroep
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